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Spattered clay dishes


by Panduro

Spattered clay dishes

Spattered clay dishes

How to instructions

Make your own series of coordinated bowls and dishes in various shapes and paint them with lovely spatters. Use the various bowls you have at home as moulds. Turn them upside down and cover the outside with plastic wrap; stretch the plastic thoroughly to ensure the plastic doesn't leave an impression in the clay (which will be placed on top). Knead the clay into a lump and roll it out to the desired size and thickness. Cut out the shape you want, preferably with tools from our tool kit, and centre it on top of the plastic-wrapped bowl. Then let the clay harden for a week to be sure it is completely dry. Loosen your clay mould carefully from the bowl and remove the plastic. Sand away any unevenness with sand paper and a sanding block; wipe off the dust before you start painting. We spattered with three different colours using a big brush; dip it in paint and flick it over the object. NOTE! Cover the area around the object to be painted with plastic wrap!

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