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Spray and recycle more!


by Panduro

Spray and recycle more!

Spray and recycle more!

How to instructions

Spray on everything, both indoors and outdoors! Edding spray paint makes it easy to transform your old things into new, attractive objects once again. Prime with one of Edding's various primers for the best durability. For plastic, you will find Edding Plastic Primer; otherwise, use Universal Primer. The spray paint dries quickly and has excellent coverage. When you spray paint: Cover the floor and nearby items; the spray mist will be dispersed. Preferably, spray outdoors, but not if it is cold. Spray thin layers (preferably multiple times); let dry for a minute or so between each layer. When you are finished spray painting, let dry for 24 hours. For extra protection, spray on a coat of Edding clear varnish after 24 hours.