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Spray paint a lamp


by Panduro

Spray paint a lamp

Spray paint a lamp

How to instructions

  • 1

    Clean the lamp before you paint it

  • 2

    Spray with a thin coat of No Limit spray paint and let dry for a few minutes

  • 3

    Then spray with another coat of paint. For the best results, spray the paint back and forth, and just beyond the lamp

  • 4

    Make the triangles by applying masking tape and covering the rest of the lampshade with a piece of plastic. Let the lamp dry for 24 hours before applying the tape, so that the paint does not come off when you remove the tape

An old, worn-out lamp will look fabulous with a little spray paint. Try spraying the entire lamp with a single colour, or do what we did here and add cool geometric shapes.

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