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Spray paint vases


by Panduro

Spray paint vases

Spray paint vases

How to instructions

  • 1

    Clean and dry the vase

  • 2

    Prime it with No Limit universal primer, to help the paint last longer

  • 3

    Make a paper cone and insert it into the vase to protect the inside

  • 4

    Spray the vase with a thin coat of No Limit spray paint. Spray cross-wise and just beyond the vase for the best result. Let dry for a few minutes

  • 5

    Then spray with another coat of paint. Repeat as needed

An ordinary vase becomes more exciting in an instant with a little paint - and spray paint is perfect to use here. Spray the entire vase, or spray patterns - it will look fantastic either way! Do you want to make a striped vase? Before you spray the vase, apply masking tape for uneven and round surfaces.

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