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Spruce up a stool with yarn


by Panduro

Spruce up a stool with yarn

Spruce up a stool with yarn

How to instructions

  • 1

    If the stool doesn’t already have a hole in the middle, then begin by drilling one. Our hole was about 4 cm in diameter.

  • 2

    Clean the wooden stool with paint surface cleaner.

  • 3

    If the surface is shiny, sand it with sandpaper.

  • 4

    Stir the Hobbylack paint in the container before you begin painting. We mixed a little brown into the grey paint to warm up the shade.

  • 5

    Apply a coat of the Hobbylack paint. The paint will be touch-dry in approx. 15 mins. Then apply a second coat and let dry completely.

  • 6

    Divide the seat of the stool into 8 equal-sized wedges. This is easiest by measuring the circumference of the seat first, and then dividing by 8 to determine how wide each wedge should be along the outer edge. Draw marks along the edge in pencil, and then pull straight lines across the seat between the marks.

  • 7

    Cover one wedge at a time with yarn: Attach double-sided tape to the inside of the lines marked on the wedge, to help properly position the yarn. Wrap with doubled yarn. Thread the yarn through the hole of the seat and tie together on the underside. Now wrap the yarn from left to right in the wedge. When the point of the wedge is covered, wrap the next round to the left again, and work towards the right again. You will repeat from left to right several times, until the widest part of the wedge is completely covered. Tie the yarn to the next colour from the underside of the seat.

  • 8

    Repeat step 7 with 7 more colours, until the entire seat of the stool is covered with yarn.

  • 9

    Crochet three or four (depending on how many legs the stool has) identical pads and slide them onto the legs of the stool. The crochet pattern is available for download below.

Give your old furniture and flea market finds a playful makeover! Reusing things you already have is fun and eco-friendly – plus, it gives your home a personal touch. It’s easy to create this colourful stool with Hobbylack paint and yarn. Log in or become a member to download the pattern for the furniture pads.

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