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Stencil mask


by Panduro

Stencil mask

Stencil mask

How to instructions

Stencil masks are used like stencils, except reversed. You place the stencils on top of the surface to be decorated, and then paint over them. The designs are unpainted, and the surrounding space has colour. Stencil masks can be used on smooth, clean and dry surfaces. METHOD: Carefully loosen the designs, then attach them to a surface, such as a canvas or a pillowcase. Press the design firmly against the base. Place a protective layer inside/underneath fabric surfaces to prevent the paint from seeping through to the back. Carefully paint over the design with a broad brush or a foam rubber roller. Use the paint sparingly; otherwise it may seep beneath the stencil. Carefully remove the designs before the paint dries completely. Put them back on the plastic sheet and wipe with damp paper or baby wipes. The designs can be reused.

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