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Use stencils to give your table a vintage look


by Panduro

Use stencils to give your table a vintage look

Use stencils to give your table a vintage look

How to instructions

Decorating with stencils isn't very hard; the trick is to only use a little bit of paint and to apply it with a foam rubber roller. METHOD: First, prime the entire surface with Vintage Furniture Paint; let dry. Have your stencil ready; use all or part of the design (you can even cut out the part you want to use). Apply masking tape to nearby edges and any other designs (to prevent accidentally painting them). Attach the stencil itself with a little masking tape as well. Pour paint onto a paper plate or something similar. Roll the foam rubber roller in the paint and roll off the excess on a piece of paper towel. Then roll inside the stencil without pressing too hard. Remove the stencil, dry the design quickly with a hair dryer, move to the next spot and repeat the process. If the stencil is too messy, you will need to rinse it off in between steps; make sure to dry it thoroughly before the next round. Vintage Furniture Paint is a thick and chalky paint that is excellent for stencil painting and comes in subtle shades.

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