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Stylish silver bracelet


by Panduro

Stylish silver bracelet

Stylish silver bracelet

How to instructions

Be your own silversmith and make a gorgeous bracelet with subtle beads. METHOD: Cut 4 silver wires, approx. 25 cm. Lay them together so that the ends are all even. Take a small stick (such as a flower stick, about 5 cm), place it about 2 cm from the wire ends, and bend all wires simultaneously so that they become 4 identical loops. Pinch the wires together (close to the stick) with a flat-nosed pliers and wrap a silver wire under the loops. Leave the stick where it is, then thread beads onto silver wires and repeat (4 loops) with the other end. Clip the wires if needed. Carefully remove both sticks and attach one or two jump rings to both ends and finish with a clasp.

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