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Table with Vintage paint and stencils


by Panduro

Table with Vintage paint and stencils

Table with Vintage paint and stencils

How to instructions

Make small, simple tray tables and decorate them with stain, Vintage Paint and stencils. METHOD: Sand the wooden tray until smooth and fine, working in the direction of the wood grain. Apply Vintage Paint or stain. STAIN: Apply liberally in the direction of the wood grain, but make sure the stain does not run. VINTAGE PAINT: Paint the entire surface and let dry. STENCIL DESIGN: Attach the stencil and protect the area outside of it with masking tape. Pour Vintage Paint onto a paper plate or a palette and roll the roller in the paint. Roll off the paint on a piece of paper towel, so that the roller is almost dry. There should be as little paint as possible on the roller; otherwise, the paint may seep under the stencil. Roll in the stencil design. Carefully lift the stencil to see if you have applied enough paint. It does not have to provide total coverage; it will still look great. Let dry for 6-8 hours. Apply a clear varnish to the stain or Vintage Paint. The hairpin legs are sprayed with Vintage Chalky Spray. You can also apply a coat of protective varnish here after painting for the best durability.

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