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Tassel pendants


by Panduro

Tassel pendants

Tassel pendants

How to instructions

We made these colourful earrings using chains and embroidery yarn. METHOD: Cut a piece of curb chain so that you have 8 links (use wire cutters to cut precisely where the link is closed, so that you open it instead of cutting it off). Make a new loop in the straight end of an eye pin. Then shape the whole pin into a U using another cylindrically shaped object. Next, attach each end of the chain to a loop on the pin. Make 6 small bundles of embroidery yarn. Cut the pieces to about 10 cm. Thread one bundle through the second link of the chain, fold the bundle in half, wrap a piece of yarn around it, and then tie it under the link to form a tassel. Repeat until you have filled the entire chain with tassels. Use scissors to even out the yarn ends if needed. Then attach the entire pendant on the folded pin to an ear hook. Done. Make the other earring the same way.

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