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The cutest trophies are made of clay


by Panduro

The cutest trophies are made of clay

The cutest trophies are made of clay

How to instructions

Don't make it too hard on yourself. Shape a simple base with clay (round or oval) + ears and an extra little lump in the middle which will become a nose. It doesn't have to be perfect at all; handicrafts ought to be a little lopsided and crooked. Then allow the animal heads to air dry on a sheet of plastic. Tip! If the figure is more than 1 cm thick, just let it dry halfway. When the surface feels dry, carefully turn it and scoop out clay from the back. It will dry faster and reduce the risk of cracking. Once the figures are completely dry, you can lightly rub with sandpaper if you want to produce a smooth surface or correct any flaws. Then it is time to colour: look for pictures of your animals and study the colour and shape. Colour only the most pronounced parts of the animal's face and try to imitate as best as you can. It doesn't have to be perfect! Think about what clay you are using and make use of its colours; we made the raccoon in granite-coloured clay, the fox in white clay and the monkey in terracotta-coloured clay.

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