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The more the better...with cushions!


by Panduro

The more the better...with cushions!

The more the better...with cushions!

How to instructions

Make a lovely home for spring - sew gorgeous cushions in a variety of fabrics, patterns and sizes! Here, we have a combination of beautiful colours in aqua, mint and coral. Go ahead and combine various techniques, like crochet, patchwork and transfer, and alternate with single-colour fabrics; the greater the variety, the cosier it will be.
Instructions for the rectangular patchwork pillow and the round crocheted pillow are available in the PDF below; you will also find the PDF "Quick Cosy Cushions", which describes steps for making various openings for the pillow case.
P.S. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter doesn't matter; new cushions always cheer up a room!

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