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by Panduro

The mummies are walking

The mummies are walking

How to instructions

  • 1

    Fold a pipe cleaner and attach to a craft ball

  • 2

    Glue on eyes

  • 3

    Fold on another pipe cleaner to make arms

  • 4

    Wrap with damp plaster gauze

  • 5

    Adjust to look like a mummy and let dry

Make charming mummies out of plaster gauze. The perfect Halloween craft! METHOD - HEAD & LEGS: Fold a pipe cleaner in half and press the folded end into the hole of a craft ball (Ø 4 cm). Glue on two eyes. ARMS: Bend a pipe cleaner under the head and shape the arms into an exciting pose. GAUZE: Lay out a sheet of protective plastic or something similar so that you don't damage your work surface. Cut the plaster gauze into 30 cm long strips. Dip the plaster gauze strips in water one at a time and wrap them around your figure. When the entire figure is covered, adjust the body position to make it look like a proper mummy. Place or hang your mummy somewhere to dry.