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Tie-dye with fabric dye


by Panduro

Tie-dye with fabric dye

Tie-dye with fabric dye

How to instructions

  • 1

    Twist the fabric together and tie with cotton string

  • 2

    Pour the fabric dye into the washing machine

  • 3

    Add the textiles and start the machine

  • 4

    Remove them when the machine is done and remove the knots

  • 5

    Let them dry and theyre finished

Do you need to cheer up your home? Then you can transform something old into something brand new with fabric dye. Give your cushions new covers or bring new colour to your old towels! Dye with fabric dye and use the same knot technique that you use to make tie-dye patterns. The result will be stylish and trendy! The garment should be clean and damp when you begin. Tie with cotton string and place in the washing machine with the fabric dye. Run the washing machine at 40°C and you're done! Fabric dyeing using tie-dyetechnique is fun and creative, and at Panduro we have lots of great tips and tricks to share.

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