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Traditional Christmas crafts with paper


by Panduro

Traditional Christmas crafts with paper

Traditional Christmas crafts with paper

How to instructions

Christmas crafts - crackers, braided hearts and stars. CRACKER: use a paper towel roll, or roll up one piece of A4 card and tape together. Take two folded pieces of tissue paper and place the roll in the centre of the short end. Make 1 cm folds from both directions until you reach the roll. Then cut 1 cm notches along the entire fold. Roll up the roll so the fringe sticks out, tape together and decorate with scraps and doilies. Tie a string around both short sides and hang up. BRAIDED HEART: make with shiny paper + a stencil that includes instructions. STAR: cut out two five-pointed gold stars with scissors. Emboss from valley to point, fold each point along the crease to the centre, and the star will begin to form (you just need to make it look nice). For the "tail", you need two sheets of tissue paper split into fourths. Lay them together and fold 1 cm pleats along the long side across almost the entire sheet, then cut fringe and roll up to form a tassel and tape together. Attach the tassel with double adhesive pads and attach the two gold stars and ribbon carefully so that they do not become misshapen.

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