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Trendy eggs with gold decor


by Panduro

Trendy eggs with gold decor

Trendy eggs with gold decor

How to instructions

  • 1

    Apply cheerful colours to half of each egg

  • 2

    Use masking tape to achieve straight lines

  • 3

    Remove the masking tape and let dry

  • 4

    Apply fresh masking tape for the gold

  • 5

    Brush with glue and apply the metal leaf

  • 6

    Let dry

With paint, metal leaf and masking tape, you can make Easter's trendiest eggs. If you don't want to blow out the eggs yourself, you can buy empty egg shells, such as the fresh eggs below. STEP 1. Colour the egg halves with cheerful colours; apply masking tape before you begin painting to keep the edges clean. We painted with Hobbylack Matt. Let the paint dry thoroughly. STEP 2. Apply masking tape, brush on glue and apply the metal leaf. Instructions are included in the package.

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