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by Panduro

Trendy hanging pots

Trendy hanging pots

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You've definitely seen them in trendy interior design magazines and on blogs. Hanging pots are back with a vengeance! With our Zpagetti yarn, you can quickly and easily make your own hanging pots for your favourite pots and plants. Arrange several hanging pots in various lengths next to one another. METHOD: Tie eight 2-metre pieces of yarn to the key ring. Cut 1 metre of Zpagetti yarn and wrap it around the other pieces. Secure by tying it with one of the loose pieces. Hang the ring on a hook or something similar, which will make the process easier. Tie the pieces together two by two. Remember to adjust the placement of the knots in accordance with the pot and plant. Tie one of the two pieces to the piece next to it. Repeat with all pieces, so that they form a net pattern. If the pot is small, you can make more and tighter knots. Tie all the pieces together at the bottom, then cut off the ends to the desired length.

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