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Try different watercolour techniques


by Panduro

Try different watercolour techniques

Try different watercolour techniques

How to instructions

  • 1

    Drawing gum marker: Draw a design on a piece of watercolour paper with the marker and let dry. Then paint over the design with watercolours. The paint will not adhere to the areas where you have applied drawing gum. When the paint is dry, rub off the gum and see how the design emerges.

  • 2

    Bubble wrap: Paint with watercolours and then place bubble wrap on top of the paint, before it dries. Press the bubble wrap into place and leave it there until the paint is dry. Then remove it to see the awesome effects youve created.

  • 3

    Masking Fluid: Brush or spatter the surface of the paper with masking fluid and let dry. Paint the paper with watercolours. Once the paint is dry, rub away the masking fluid and check out the spattered effects youve created!

Spark your creativity and try a variety of fun techniques with watercolour paint! Using drawing gum, you can mask parts of the paper where you do not want paint to be. Choose a drawing gum marker or masking fluid, which is applied with a brush. You can also try creating amazing effects by pressing bubble wrap onto wet watercolour paint. You can make beautiful abstract art by using easy tricks when painting with watercolours. Let your imagination run wild and give it a try!

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