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Try watercolour paint in various forms


by Panduro

Try watercolour paint in various forms

Try watercolour paint in various forms

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cakes of paint: Moisten the cake of paint with a watercolour brush and paint on either wet or dry watercolour paper.

  • 2

    Paint tubes: Squeeze a little paint onto a palette with wells. The paint is very concentrated, so dilute it with water. Apply to wet or dry watercolour paper with a watercolour brush, and brush out the paint with water.

  • 3

    Watercolour pencils: Draw with watercolour pencils on wet or dry watercolour paper. Brush out the pigment with water using a watercolour brush.

  • 4

    Draw outlines with a thin, waterproof drawing pen.

There are many different kinds of watercolour paint. The most common type that most people probably think of are small, square cakes of paint, called pans. But it can also be fun to try watercolour pencils, and watercolour paint from a tube. The fascinating thing about watercolour paint is that it behaves differently depending on the technique. If you apply watercolour paint to wet paper, it will spread more than when you apply it to dry paper. The more water you use, the more transparent the paint will be. Thin the paint on the paper with water, and dot and spatter paint and water across the design to create different effects.

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