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Tunisian crochet!


by Panduro

Tunisian crochet!

Tunisian crochet!

How to instructions

Tropik yarn contains 50% bamboo, which makes it extra soft, kind to the environment and highly absorbent. Perfect for dish cloths! With Tunisian crochet, the results will be extra plush and soft. METHOD: Dish cloth 21x21 cm. Cast 36 ch on a 5 mm Tunisian crochet hook. Follow the instructions for "double stitch" in our YouTube video on Tunisian crochet. Pick up all stitches from and including the 2nd stitch from the hook for a total of 34 stitches on the hook. Change yarn colour. Let the yarn that is not in use hang from the edge. Crochet one round and change yarn again, i.e., change yarn when the hook is full of stitches and all the way to the left. Continue until you have a square. Cast off. Crochet an edge around the dish cloth the regular way (ordinary crochet), with double crochet stitches. Make three stitches at each corner. Crochet an additional round the same way. Cast off, cut off the yarn and secure all loose threads.

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