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Turn a box into a doll bed


by Panduro

Turn a box into a doll bed

Turn a box into a doll bed

How to instructions

  • 1

    You can use the Panduro box (box 2) in which you received your craft order, or any box you have at home.

  • 2

    Cut the flaps off the box. Then use a hot glue gun to glue two pieces of cardboard to the box as a headboard and footboard. Keep in mind that the tip of the hot glue gun gets very hot.

  • 3

    On the inside of the headboard, write the doll or soft toy’s name with self-adhesive letters.

  • 4

    Sew bedding out of hobby felt and fill it with wadding. Sew the edges together with embroidery yarn.

  • 5

    Cut out hobby felt decorations and glue them to the blanket and pillow.

Of course all your little dolls and soft toys need a snuggly bed to sleep in! So instead of getting rid of the box you have at home, you can reuse it to build a doll bed. We made our doll bed using Panduro box 2, but you can also use any sturdy cardboard box you have at home. We hand-sewed the pillow and blanket using hobby felt and embroidery yarn. Then your child can put a doll to bed and sing a lullaby or two.

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