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Turn something old into something new


by Panduro

Turn something old into something new

Turn something old into something new

How to instructions

Sometimes things break, or they don't turn out quite as we intended. It was supposed to be a clay lampshade, but it all went to pieces. So we just had to shift our thinking: we filed the fragments a little and drilled holes in them. Then we made a simple frame out of a dowel and a metal ring and painted them. From the frame, we hung the recycled pieces and added a lovely hanger using a piece of leather attached to a wooden ring. The red decoration in the middle is made using Moldit mouldable plastic as follows: place a silicone mat/teflon mat on a durable work surface and pour out Moldit in various formations on the surface, then heat with a heat gun. The heat will cause the little plastic pieces to melt together (usually you melt Moldit in a bowl with warm water). When the decoration is cool, attach it using a hot glue gun. Then it's all done. Voila! The lampshade is a wall hanging instead.

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