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Ugly Christmas sweater with reindeer


by Panduro

Ugly Christmas sweater with reindeer

Ugly Christmas sweater with reindeer

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut out the reindeer head from beige hobby felt. Spread a thin layer of Quick Glue on the back and glue the head to the sweater

  • 2

    Cut our antlers from glittery craft rubber. Wrap a strand of lights around the antlers and glue them to the sweater with a glue gun. Arrange the strand of lights however you like, dab a little glue along it and attach to the sweater.

  • 3

    Glue pompoms to the sweater here and there with a glue gun. Glue on a large pompom as a nose, and attach eyes the same way

  • 4

    Cut about 20 pieces of yarn, 25 cm long. Pile them together and tie in the middle with one of the pieces of yarn. Attach the yarn tassel to the top of the reindeers head by threading the ends through a needle (one at a time), poking it to the inside of the sweater and then tying them together. Make two more yarn tassels and attach them to the top edge of the head the same way, creating a nice, full set of fringe.

  • 5

    Tie a gold ribbon bow to the fringe. Tie bells to the light strand with thin thread

Make an absolutely crazy Christmas sweater so that you know what you'll be wearing on 21 December! Did you know that the ugly sweater has its own special day? Yup, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. But of course, an ugly Christmas sweater as cool as this one could be worn all holiday season long, not only on the 21st. Why not make your own ugly sweater and brighten spirits at your next holiday party? We sewed and glued the decorations in place, so remember to use a sweater that you don't care about.