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Upcycle a lampshade


by Panduro

Upcycle a lampshade

Upcycle a lampshade

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    Push stitches from the inside of the lamp shade using a punch needle. Start in the middle of the circle and work out in a spiral pattern. Repeat for each circle.

We think that upcycling is fun! It is wonderful to see old things being given new life by some paint and a little creativity. We upcycled a boring old lampshade into a golden yellow dream lamp. It lights up as a beautiful detail at a garden party or as a cool piece of interior decor in the living room. We chose to embellish the lamp with yellow alpaca wool yarn that gives a great effect and cool texture against the light, smooth lamp fabric. Using a punch needle you can create beautiful embroidery in most textiles. It is also a lot of fun to use. Give it a try!

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