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Upcycle flea market finds with paint


by Panduro

Upcycle flea market finds with paint

Upcycle flea market finds with paint

How to instructions

  • 1

    Wash and dry the objects carefully.

  • 2

    Lightly sand with fine sandpaper if the surface is glossy.

  • 3

    Paint the entire surface with a primer. If you like, blend a colour with white to produce a lighter shade. Our objects are primed with a matt Hobbylack. Let the paint dry.

  • 4

    Paint a pattern or spatter paint on the object using a spatter brush. It’s fine if the pattern is a little sloppy – that just makes it more charming. Dip the handle of a brush in a little paint and dab on nice, evenly sized dots. We painted our patterns and details with glossy Hobbylack.

Get playful and restore the charm to old things! Look through the top cupboard at home, or find vases, flower pots and pitchers at a flea market. There are so many beautiful things out there just waiting to get a new lease of life with paint. We’ve spruced up our flea market finds with Hobbylack in various colours. Just grab your paintbrush and see what happens. Remember that the objects are not intended for use with food once they have been painted; instead, use them as decorative objects and storage for hair ties, keys and similar items.

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