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by Panduro



How to instructions

  • 1

    Clean the item you will be painting and sand with sandpaper if you like

  • 2

    Stir the paint

  • 3

    Apply thin coats of paint; its better to apply two coats of paint, rather than one very thick coat

  • 4

    Wait 15 hours between each coat of paint

  • 5

    Clean the brushes after use

  • 6

    The paint reaches full hardness after 3-4 weeks. Do not place anything on the furniture until then

Revitalise old furniture! An old chair, a flea market find, Grandpa's chest or whatever you have at home now can all be like new again simply by applying a new layer of paint. A good foundation is absolutely essential for good results; wash with paint surface cleaner and sand down the old surface. Use primer if needed. Apply "Furniture Paint" for indoor carpentry to the areas you wish to have a semi-glossy surface and slightly stronger hues. "Vintage Furniture Paint" is for wood, MDF, plaster etc. where you want a matt surface and slightly softer hues. Be sure to let dry for the recommended time. See more tips in our free Upcycling instructions.

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