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by Panduro

Upcycling - picture frames!

Upcycling - picture frames!

How to instructions

Upcycling - reuse and transform your frames! Match the colours to the rest of the room or break away with a nice accent colour. METHOD: Start by scraping away old, loose paint if needed. Wash with paint surface cleaner. Spackle any holes again. Sand the frame to help the paint adhere better, first with thick sandpaper and then with fine sandpaper (150). Remember to sand in the same direction as the wood grain. Stir the paint. Paint a thin layer and let dry for 1-2 hours. Paint a new layer. If you like, apply a contrasting shade to certain details. To make the frame look particularly old, dip a scraggly brush or a sponge in a little paint (in a contrasting colour) and dot/paint lightly over raised areas, edges, borders or the like. You can even sand gently with sandpaper in certain places to further enhance the worn-down look.

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