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Weave a beaded-fringe Toho bracelet


by Panduro

Weave a beaded-fringe Toho bracelet

Weave a beaded-fringe Toho bracelet

How to instructions

  • 1

    String lots of tubular Bugle beads onto your thread.

  • 2

    Guide the thread back again through the last bead you placed so that the beads stack vertically along each other. Guide the thread through all the beads in the same way until your bracelet is the required length. Then fasten the thread by threading it back through the beads.

  • 3

    Cut a new length of thread and secure it at one end of the bracelet.

  • 4

    Thread on beads of different shapes and sizes starting out from the first tubular bead on your bracelet. Circle the bead at the far end by threading once inside the bead and once outside it. Next, guide the thread back through all the beads in towards the body of the bracelet itself.

  • 5

    Repeat step 4 until the whole bracelet is trimmed with a dangling beaded fringe. Work the beaded fringing in different thread lengths for fun variation. Secure the thread.

  • 6

    Make small loops at the ends of the bracelet by threading a Demi bead, a Bugle bead and another Demi bead. To one of these loops, you’ll be attaching a clasp.

Be the belle of the ball wearing a roaring 1920s-style beaded-fringe flapper bracelet. This unique bracelet design is woven using pretty Toho beads of various shapes and sizes. Toho from Japan are tiny, perfectly cylindrical glass beads.

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