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Wedding decorations


by Panduro

Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

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Black may not be the most obvious colour to choose for your wedding, but the fact is, it can be incredibly striking. Just look at the gorgeous place mats that double as menus, which we made with chalkboard paint. Fabulous, right? Write the menu and guests' names as place cards with a chalkboard pen. Pair with a decorative string of lights in natural and black. >br>
The PDF below also includes the following:
STRING OF LIGHTS WITH FLOWERS: Punch out flowers, make holes in the middle with punch pliers and thread the light bulbs through the holes. BAG: A bag with little treats for each guest: a container with bird seed to toss at the bridal couple after the ceremony, a tube of soap bubbles and other things that may be good to have on hand. COOTIE CATCHER: Equip guests with conversation topics. We made classic cootie catchers filled with short stories about the bridal couple, fun tasks for the guests, riddles and more, which make delightful fodder for conversation at dinner.