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Wedding present


by Panduro

Wedding present

Wedding present

How to instructions

In the US, it's popular to give wedding guests a small gift at their table seating, as a way to say thank you for coming and celebrating your big day. Here, we've made a pretty little package filled with sweets. Cut and fold a design sheet to make a doubled strip that is 13 cm long, 7 cm wide and has a 4 cm base. Carve or punch out a hole on the front. If you like, you can make a sign with a small greeting or even the guest's name. Cut two small scores on the front to attach the sign, or attach it with tape. Insert a cellophane bag filled with sweets and staple the opening together, or make a hole and tie it up with a nice ribbon. If you want the package to have a rounder shape, simply cut off the corners. Tip! Decor hearts are lovely with names written on them, and for use as place cards.