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Word art


by Panduro

Word art

Word art

How to instructions

Make art out of beautiful words or names with our new Mixed Media canvas. Use one of our letter stencils to make nice, even letters. Prime the canvases with white, matt Hobbylack and paint the edges with the same paint in black. Let dry. Write words/names on a piece of paper and cut them out. Now you can try out the placement of the words on the canvas by moving them around and seeing where they'll look the best. Then place the stencil and attach it with some masking tape. Put masking tape on top of the closest letters too, so that you don't accidentally paint them. Pour some paint onto a paper plate or a palette. Roll the foam rubber roller in the paint, roll off most of the paint so that only a little remains, and then roll in the stencil. Dry the letters quickly with a hairdryer. Paint the next letter the same way. Clean paint off the stencil.

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