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by Panduro

Yarn feathers

Yarn feathers

How to instructions

Yarn feathers are a great alternative to ordinary feathers. Beautiful decorations for a bouquet; hang them up with a nice ribbon or add to a wreath. METHOD: Choose a yarn and cut many pieces of equal length. The length and number of pieces will determine how big your feather will be. Cut a piece of iron wire and tape it to the tabletop. Apply a dab of glue to the iron wire and then, beginning at one end, tie the pieces of yarn one after the next to the wire. Glue everything as you go, as needed. Continue tying until the feather is the length you want it to be, leaving a small piece of iron wire at the end to hold. Leave it bare, or wrap it with yarn. Make a mixture of glue and water and brush it over the feather. Let dry completely. Use scissors to trim to the shape of a feather. A great alternative to ordinary feathers!

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