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Your beautiful style


by Panduro

Your beautiful style

Your beautiful style

How to instructions

Make a beautiful hair decoration in the form of a floral branch. METHOD: Measure out about 1 metre of silver-plated copper wire (or other suitable metal wire). Bend the wire in the middle, thread on two farfalle beads and move them to the crease. Secure the wire ends at about 1 cm. Take one wire end measured about 1.5 cm and bend it. Thread on three rocaille beads, move them to the crease and tie the wire ends together toward the middle. Repeat the process with the other wire. Tie the wires together to create the "stem" of the branch. Repeat the steps until you are satisfied. Then make another one with the same method. Tie the two "branches" together. Use a glue gun to glue on the flowers and leaves. Let dry, then glue the clip to the back.

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