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Christmas wreaths

Celebrate the build-up to Christmas with a beautiful Christmas wreath to hang on your front door. A Christmas wreath can be made in all kinds of ways and is ideal for innovation and creative expression. The look, style and display space for your wreath is all up to you! Make a Christmas wreath using straw wrapped with red Christmas ribbon to hang on a front door. Or using balls of yarn to hang on a wall. Embellish it however you like, and when you’re done, you can always make another. An Advent wreath with four Advent candles, for example, sets the scene and spirit every Sunday in the countdown to Christmas.

Metal frame/ring Ø 30 cm

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Floral wire green 0.35 mm

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Wreath rbn 40mm/10m rd,colrfst


Polystyrene ring/wreath Ø 22 c


Straw wreath 25/5 cm


Straw wreath 35/5 cm


Double metal frame/ring diameter 40cm

3,99 4,99

Wreath pin