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Corporate social responsibility

We demand good social conditions for everyone who works with manufacturing and transporting our products. We strive to ensure that the products are manufactured according to an acceptable standard for work environment and occupational safety. Collaborating with responsible suppliers - is a focus area we work with in the area of sustainability.

Suppliers – Code of Conduct

Panduro’s Code of Conduct is the most important policy document for maintaining decent social conditions. The Code of Conduct sets out requirements for suppliers regarding pay, health and safety, overtime work and unionisation for employees. For several years, Panduro has gradually worked to ensure our suppliers sign our Code of Conduct. The real challenge lies in ensuring that all suppliers and their sub-suppliers always comply with the Code of Conduct. To that end, we are developing a system to enforce compliance with the  requirements laid down in our Code of Conduct .


Panduro is a family firm that takes care of its employees. We are convinced that our employees have to thrive for our company to thrive too. We work to established policies pervaded by sustainability. These are compiled in a Staff Handbook, the Gender Equality Plan, Diversity Policy and Occupational Health and Safety Policy. To ensure the best possible organisational and psychosocial work environment, Panduro encourages open dialogue between managers and their staff. We conduct annual staff appraisals and work with staff to maintain a sound work environment. The physical working environment for our employees differs for stores, warehouses and offices and is adapted accordingly. Panduro has a detailed Occupational Health and Safety Policy and is committed to continuous systematic work environment initiatives. Our ambition is to conduct employee surveys to follow up on how our staff perceive Panduro as a workplace.

Panduro also has a proactive health promotion programme. We have agreements on occupational healthcare, computer glasses and subsidised workout passes under the health promotion scheme. Our gender equality programme shall be an ongoing process in employee and business development. Gender equality is to be on the agenda as a recurring item at departmental meetings and as a component of management training.

Customers – Creativity for Health

People thrive from creative pastimes. Creativity promotes the development of imagination and the ability to problem-solve. Crafting is also known to reduce stress.

For us, it is crucial to communicate with our customers responsibly, appropriately and accurately wherever or however we engage with them. And our responsibility does not end when a customer leaves the store. Panduro also strives to raise awareness of post-sale reuse, product care and recycling. In this way, we aim to foster customer satisfaction to last for generations.

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