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Our responsibility


At Panduro, we see creativity as an important part of life, and we regard it as our responsibility to create a sustainable future for those that come after us with our vision:

Achieving an imaginative and creative future for generations to come.

Many people find creativity and crafting beneficial in that it

develops the imagination and the ability to problem-solve
promotes curiosity and experimentation
reduces stress
is enjoyable and an opportunity for quality time with children, family, relatives and friends.

We also hope the products in our assortment will contribute to and inspire creativity that leads to the reuse of old products and materials.

Global sustainability goals

Our sustainability initiatives are based on the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with 17 global goals that affect the entire world. The purpose of the Agenda is to improve the world for future generations by ensuring that everyone helps to advance sustainability initiatives.

Our four selected Global Goals:

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

We consider it important to manufacture products in a sustainable way. At the same time, we raise awareness of reuse and recycling and offer a broad assortment in order to reuse products. It is important to us to minimise the quantity of hazardous chemicals in our products and to handle waste responsibly.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

It is important for us to continue to be innovative and to continuously grow within our segment. At the same time, we safeguard our employees’ rights and want to foster a safe work environment. Decent work and equal pay for equal work are fundamental values at Panduro. We offer annual internships and work training for people on long-term sick leave.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Through our environmental management system, we seek continuously to improve our environmental initiatives and to educate our employees in this domain. Among other things, we seek to reduce the carbon footprint of inbound deliveries from suppliers and outbound deliveries to stores and customers.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Creativity is good for people. Creativity promotes the development of imagination and the ability to problem-solve. Making something with your hands also reduces stress. It is important for all people in our value chain to thrive.

Our contributions to the Global Goals

In order to focus more intently and long-term on sustainability factors, in spring 2021, we set a number of new targets for further improving our sustainability performance.

In our Sustainability Report you can read more about our progress on each of the goals.


Goal: Exclusively provide and source fossil-free transportation by 2030

Sub-taget: By 2021/22 we will offer eco-friendly parcel delivery to online customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Sub-taget: The delivery options offered to consumers are to be updated annually with additional eco-friendly parcel delivery options.

The climate change crisis is a global sustainability challenge, and Panduro naturally has a corporate responsibility for doing what it can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To that end, we have set ambitious targets for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from our transport operations. Our initiatives include optimising the volume of goods in our deliveries and reducing the number of delivery days to stores. This has had positive results and the emissions from our outbound deliveries to customers and stores from our central warehouse have been reduced. Meanwhile, owing to a recent increase in sales, we have been challenged in reducing emissions from our inbound deliveries to our warehouses. We are therefore working to improve the efficiency of our co-packing and extending our partnership with logistics companies spearheading environmentally assured contract packaging.

We also see a challenge in our outbound deliveries to customers increasing in line with our increase in online retailing. One way of countering this more sustainably is to further streamline our warehousing, which is also one of the reasons why we relocated our online trading warehouse in 2020 to the logistics firm Nowaste. Their e-commerce warehousing solution in Helsingborg Sweden is one of the most state-of-the-art in the Nordic region with its Green Building-certified premises, renewable energy, including solar panels. Learn more on the Nowaste website.

Panduro’s Environmental and Responsibility Policy

Working to improve the environment is important to us

Everything we do at Panduro is based on the pleasure of crafting; of making something with your hands. Our focus is on working together to develop and market products that are creative, inspiring and safe for our customers. We want our products to inspire creativity that extends the lifespan of other products and increases the reuse of materials. We take responsibility for

compliance with legal and other binding requirements
continuously improving our environmental initiatives in order to achieve better environmental performance
protecting the environment by preventing pollution
cultivating good relations with our suppliers in order to improve product safety and quality.

Corporate social responsibility is important to us

As a company, we directly and indirectly impact not only our employees, but also individuals throughout the value chain. We require our suppliers to take social responsibility by signing our Code of Conduct. We also make social investments and sponsor charitable organisations, among other things.

Sustainability Reports

Our sustainability efforts are coordinated by the environmental and product safety division at Panduro. The sustainability report for financial year 2019/20 was compiled by employees from various departments at Panduro’s headquarters in Malmö, Sweden. Our Sustainability Reports are available to download here.