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Sustainable product assortment

Safe products

A cornerstone of our commitment to offering a sustainable assortment is product safety. All of Panduro’s products are carefully assessed and inspected. Product safety involves a great deal of work in reviewing documentation and product contents. With our broad assortment, at Panduro we have the opportunity to make a difference by consciously choosing materials and products that are consistent with our values. We endeavour to deliver high-quality products that comply with stringent safety, health and environmental requirements. One of our measures for achieving dependable product safety is that we employ supplier compliance documents requiring that product safety is validated by tests, analyses and risk assessment of constituents. We also employ requirement specifications for all product lines in our assortment, and these are updated regularly in response to changes in the legislation. It is important for each product to be appropriate for the intended user and the safety of products intended for children is especially important.

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Ecolabelling and sustainable content

Our ambition is to increase our range of products with sustainability and eco-labels. We have, for example, Nordic Ecolabelled colors for children and a series of Nordic Ecolabelled furniture paints in the range.

What do the symbols mean?

Green Dot

The Green Dot demonstrates that Panduro is associated with the business community’s packaging recycling system in Sweden. This means that Panduro is doing its part to ensure the proper functioning of the packaging recycling system. Naturally, at Panduro we endeavour to reduce the quantity of packaging materials as much as possible without risking damage to the products during transportation.

Crossed-out wheelie bin

CE logo The crossed-out wheelie bin indicates that the product must not be thrown away with household waste. This symbol is found on electronic products or products containing batteries. Panduro is a reseller of products comprised by the waste collection system for recycling electrical and electronic products.

CE marking

CE logo CE marking indicates that the product fulfils applicable laws and requirements. CE marking is not mandatory for all products, however. In Panduro’s assortment, only electronic products and products considered toys require and bear CE marking.

Age warning symbol

0-3 år This symbol means that the product must not be used by children under the age of three. The product is not intended for children under age 3 and may therefore be dangerous for them. Example: the product may contain small parts that represent a choking hazard for infants who are likely to put it in their mouth.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Svanen The official ecolabel of the Nordic countries makes it easy for you as a consumer to choose the most environmentally friendly products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel stands for the sustainable use of resources and a non-toxic environment. More information is available on the Nordic Swan Ecolabel website.

FSC labels

The mission of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), an international multistakeholder organisation, is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests. An FSC label means that as a customer you can choose products made of wood sourced from or supporting responsible forestry operations protecting people and the environment. Learn more on the FSC website.

Hazardous chemicals

Some of the chemicals in our assortment are labelled as hazardous for health and/or the environment. In these cases, it is important to read the information on the packaging. Chemicals that are especially hazardous also have child-resistant closures and a tactile label.

Ethical treatment of animals

Panduro also has an Animal Welfare Policy which sets requirements for the ethical treatment of animals. All suppliers of the relevant product lines are required to have signed our Policy. We are aware of the challenges of enforcing compliance with these requirements and we therefore hold dialogues with stakeholders and others in the industry. We select our suppliers with care and choose the materials for our products conscientiously, including as regards the origins of the raw materials. This is to reduce transportation, but also to more easily ensure the ethical treatment of animals and safe use of chemicals.