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Making by hand

Everything we do at Panduro is based on the joy you feel when creating something with your own hands. Not because you have to, but because you simply feel compelled. The process of making tells something about who you are, while also challenging your creativity. Creativity speaks to heart and mind alike; it makes us feel good, whether we’re enthusiastic amateurs or full-blown pros; whether we create solo or in the company of others.

People have been saying for a while that computers, the internet and social media will take over our free time and result in us crafting and creating less. But that hasn’t been the case – quite the opposite! We believe this is because we have a deeply rooted need to construct, think through, express and bring our dreams to fruition in physical form. We can never get the feeling of a material changing in our hands in front of a screen. That is why we at Panduro continue to work to help you achieve your dream project and have an outlet for your creativity.

Our history

Panduro was born through sheer creativity when Carlo Panduro, of Spanish descent, began making his own souvenirs and jewellery in post-war Denmark. His son Jörgen soon joined the family business and began selling hobby materials to the public sector. In the mid-1950s, the first Panduro store opened in Nörrevold, Copenhagen. The trip across the Sound was made in 1962, and Panduro’s first Swedish shop opened on Södra Förstadsgatan in Malmö.

The extensive product catalogue quickly became legendary, and through the 1980s, it was Panduro’s primary sales channel. A serious focus on retail began in the 80s. Today, Panduro is a market leader in hobby materials in Europe, with 103 stores distributed throughout six countries.

In 2011, Panduro acquired Pipoos, the equivalent of Panduro in the Netherlands. In total, there are 27 Pipoos stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2016, Kreatima was acquired, a well-reputed store for artists’ materials in Stockholm and online.

Panduro now employs around 650 people and has sales of SEK 845 million.

Panduro is owned by Thomas Panduro, Jesper Panduro and Peter Panduro.

Panduro’s assortment

We offer a total assortment that includes everything required for anyone who loves to create with their hands. The range includes 10,000 (Kreatima 8,500) items, of which about one fourth are renewed annually. Unlike many of our competitors, we develop our own products. This takes place at our headquarters in Malmö, where we develop material kits that include detailed instructions.

We have products for interior design, paper crafts, baking, textile decoration, handicrafts, children’s crafts and art, to name just a few areas. Many of the products are from our own brand, Panduro Design, while others are the result of collaborations with external designers and a constructive dialogue with our creative ambassadors from the entire Nordic region.

We constantly develop our website for it to be as easy as possible to find and search for specific products, and to gather inspiration and ideas. You will also find us on social media: on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. On YouTube, we regularly post inspiring new DIY videos with relevant products, themes and trends.