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Sustainability at Panduro

At Panduro, our passion is creativity. That is something we want to pass on to new generations, which is why we consider it our responsibility to create a sustainable future. To make this goal a reality, we must ensure sustainability at every level. You can read about our sustainability initiatives here, which include challenges related to the climate, materials, and human rights.

“In Panduro’s business, many little improvements combine to make a real difference. This is why we are committed to ensuring that sustainability is at all times part and parcel of the workday at Panduro. Sustainability is with us in thought and deed. It is present when we make lower-level decisions about using new eco-friendly packaging or recycled paper for our printers, for example. And obviously it is focal in major decisions about monitoring our deliveries and partnering with companies who take the lead in sustainability. But the most obvious and most important choice we make is perhaps not one that people generally give much thought to:

meaning the products we select to include in our product assortment. We are committed to ensuring that the name Panduro stands for creativity, pleasure, peace of mind and sustainability.”

Rickard Kemfors, CEO of Panduro

Our sustainability commitment

In order to identify our sustainability risks and opportunities, we conducted a materiality analysis guided by the UN’s Global Goals (SDGs). Based on that analysis, we produced an in-house sustainability strategy. Over the coming years, this strategy will guide Panduro’s group-wide sustainability efforts towards realising our vision of an imaginative and creative future.

If you have any questions, tips or ideas regarding sustainability, you are always welcome to contact us.