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Here, you’ll find the latest buzzed-about crafting products – the newest trends, what’s popular right now, and products we’re particularly fond of. Simply put – our favourites! And favourites do tend to be based on trends, because they’re fun, innovative and inspiring. But at the same time, trends can be rather confusing. What’s Bullet Journaling? A hobby horse sounds fun, but how do you make one? What do you do with miniatures? And just what is this slime that your child is so excited about? To help you find your favourite among today’s trends, we’ve gathered them all in one place. This makes it easy to find inspiration and the products you may need to try out something new. And no matter your age, there is something for absolutely everyone. You will also find a huge selection of tools and materials for creating, crafting and playing. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a life-long favourite on one of our inspiration pages. Trends may come and go, but the things that bring you creative joy never go out of style. Explore our creative favourites and find your own!

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Tie-dye kit fabric tote bag

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Watercolours for beginners – 24x12 ml

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Tie-dye kit XL with 18 colours

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Assorted letter beads (A-Z) and heart beads – 5×15 g

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Bling Dots – horse design

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Ultimate Unicorn Craft Box – a wildly fun box, overflowing with unicorns!

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Material kit for making beautiful wreaths

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