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Membership Membership of We are Panduro is free of charge and is valid at all Panduro stores and on To be eligible for membership, the minimum age is 16.. Membership is personal and non-transferrable. You can take out membership at one of our stores or on

As a member, you gain access to your personal profile showing your order history, benefits and special offers. You can also edit your information and update your password.

When you quote your mobile number (membership number) at the cashdesk, the transaction will be registered as a member purchase. To make purchases as a member on, first you have to sign into your membership account.

Membership benefits and communication. As a member, you will receive personalised discounts, benefits, special offers, product recommendations, news, inspiration, invitations to workshops and other events and other Panduro promotions. Your personal offers are not transferrable to or redeemable by anyone else. Club offers do not apply to wallpapers or to Cebex range products.

We typically communicate by SMS message, email, magazines, letters and on, but also through digital advertisements on Facebook and Instagram for example. From time to time we may also phone you to speak in person.

You decide how you prefer to be contacted: by SMS message, email or letter post. Naturally, you can change your preferences at any time on personal account with us. Please note that we are unable to unable to process limitations and changes for accounts on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. For these, you will need to change the settings for each account yourself.

We protect your privacy and the information you provide us with and will not disclose it needlessly. We may, however, use your email address, mobile number and postcode location to make matches as a way of reaching new and existing customers. This means that we match your personal information between us and a third party like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Google, and for you, all it means is that you will receive more personalised marketing. If you do not want your personal data to be used in this way, then please notify Customer Care as indicated below.

To enhance your experience, we collect and analyse certain types of data on you, such as your purchase and click-history and your stated preferences. This information helps us to give you better and more relevant offers, benefits and information. We retain your information until the date you cancel your membership or for 24 months from the date on which we collected the data.

Panduro Hobby AB, organisation registration no. 556073-6356, at Stenyxegatan 1, 205 14 Malmö, Sweden is the controller for the company’s processing of your data. For more information about the type of personal data we have registered about you or if any of your information is incorrect, please contact Customer Care by calling +46 040-22 30 70 or writing to

To learn more about how we process your personal data, please consult our Privacy Notice.

365-day returnsDid you change your mind, or are you unsure how many balls of yarn or pens you need? No problem! Members always have 365 days to make returns. 

Cancel membership Your membership of We are Panduro is valid until further notice. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so through your personal account. If you cancel your membership with us, we will erase all information we have stored about you. If you have not engaged in any activity linked to We are Panduro for 24 months, we reserve the right to cancel your membership and the information we have stored about you will be erased. We reserve the right to cancel any membership on suspicion of misuse of membership.

Changes in membership terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of membership are subject to change. Before any changes come into effect, you will be notified either on or by email. In case of major changes, we will notify you well in advance of the changes coming into effect.

The terms and conditions of membership were last updated 2020-10-12