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Paper flowers

Transform paper into stunning floral crowns and bouquets

Dreaming of a bouquet that'll never wilt or wither? Then try your hand at making your own paper flowers! Transform card, tissue paper and crêpe paper into delicate, ever-lasting blooms. Imagine a bridal or festival flower crown that lasts all day and night! Fold, snip, shape and craft stunning peonies, roses, poppies, dog daisies, gardenias or any freestyle florals you fancy, all from paper. Here, we show you how to make your own paper flowers! All the tools and supplies you need like scissors, glue, floral tape, floral wire, pistils plus paper articles for creating your very own paper flowers are available here.

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Florist´s wire 0.8 mm green

4,1 (8 reviews)

Scissors set 3 pcs pastel

3,7 (3 reviews)

Floral tape 13mm 27m mix 10 ro

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Copper wire 10 colours

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Tissue paper 68 sheets spring colours

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10 rolls of crepe paper in pastel colours – 2 metres long, 25 cm wide

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Pistils 150 pcs 3 light colours

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Material kit for making beautiful wreaths

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All you need for your paper flowers