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Paint with watercolours

Dreaming of watercolours?

Whether you simply want to explore and play, or whether your ambition is to make a masterpiece, watercolours are a wonderful medium. Watercolours are a water-based paint, and because a little goes a long way, they’re easier to use than you may have realised. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, an adult or a child – anyone can paint with watercolours!

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Panduro´s complete watercolour

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Watercolour brush set yellow 4

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Create with watercolour pencils

At Panduro, you’ll find more than watercolour brushes and tubes of paint if you’re interested in painting with watercolours. We also have watercolour pencils, which are water-soluble coloured pencils and a wonderful way to try a new approach within the technique. Watercolour pencils can be used on both dry and wet watercolour paper.

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Make watercolours your new hobby

If you’re feeling inspired to start creating with watercolours, we’ve got tips, inspiration and products to help you on your journey! Explore our beautiful palettes and tips on new accessories that will help you take your watercolour creations to the next level.

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Materials to paint

You can use watercolours to paint everything from Easter eggs to beautiful landscapes on canvas or watercolour paper. At Panduro, we have watercolour paper pads that are perfect if you plan to paint a lot at one time, or for practicing a bit before attempting your final piece.

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