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Feathers & Easter trees

Do your own Easter tree decoration!

Using feathers and other decor items, the traditional Easter tree from countries like Germany and Sweden, will be a stunning centrepiece for your Easter tablescape or wherever else you display your decorated bouquet of twigs and sprigs. An Easter tree can be decorated both indoors and outdoors, and the possibilities are endless. Look no further for pretty Easter feathers and other Easter tree decorations. Find all kinds from ready-to-use feathers in every colour under the sun, imitation feathers and craft supplies for making tree decor from materials like clay, fabric, yarn or paper. And if you prefer to decorate your Easter tree with anything but feathers, you’ll find cute little ornaments, ribbon, pompoms and felted wool balls.

Alternatives to feathers

Feathers that are not feathers, but look like feathers. Finding alternatives to real feathers is easier than you might think. With a bit of yarn, clay, fabric, paper and imagination, you can actually make your own festive feathers that are not real feathers.

Create a unique Easter tree!

Welcome the spring sunshine with a personalised Easter egg tree! It’s such a wonderful decorative element for your home, and an enjoyable craft for the whole family. We hope you create an Easter tree that suits your style, whether that means only using pre-made decorations, or making everything yourself. Your Easter tree, your rules!

Decorate an Easter tree