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Alternatives to feathers

This is no feather

The decorations adorning Swedish-style Easter trees don’t have to be real feathers. They might also be crafted from some other material like clay, card or fabric. In fact, you can forget the feathers and decorate your twigs and sprigs with felted wool balls, fabric strips or whatever you fancy. Grab inspiration from our projects and then take them to the next level.

Beads can also be ornaments

With a bit of imagination, you can swap the traditional feathers in your Swedish-style Easter tree for anything else you fancy. One or two or more Hama beads can be used to decorate Easter birch twigs, along with cardboard items too. When it comes to crafting, the only limit is your imagination.


Where do your bird feathers come from?

The majority of the bird feathers we offer come from American turkeys. The other feathers come from China and South Africa. These feathers are byproducts of meat production. Our selection also includes other decorative items plus craft supplies and instructions for making your own Easter decorations.

What species of birds do your feathers come from?

We offer feathers from seven different types of birds: American turkey, pheasant, helmeted guineafowl, chicken, goose and duck from China plus ostrich feathers from South Africa. We only buy feathers from producers who comply with Panduro’s Animal Welfare Policy, which sets strict requirements for the treatment of animals, and bans feather-plucking from live birds or the slaughter of birds for their feathers.

What does an Animal Welfare Policy involve, and how is respect for animal welfare defined?

Basically these terms mean that our suppliers must guarantee us that the animals are spared needless suffering. Respect for animal welfare means that the animals are regularly inspected, fed properly, and are not prevented from expressing their natural behaviour in a way that causes harm or suffering. It also means that no birds must be slaughtered solely for down or feather production, and that neither down nor feathers may be plucked from live birds.

Panduro’s Animal Welfare Policy also means that endangered species listed by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) must not be part of our suppliers’ production. We also require all down and feathers to be sterilised and for a veterinary certificate to be presented for each delivery to us.

Are you sure everyone is actually complying with your Animal Welfare Policy?

We liaise continuously with our suppliers and take immediate action if we suspect that they are not complying with our policy. If a supplier fails to comply with our policy, we stop buying from them.