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7 activities for the Easter break

1. Make your own sweet Easter treats

Is there anything more enjoyable than making your own Easter treats? To help decide the flavour, colour and shape of the goodies inside the Easter egg on Easter Sunday. Making your own Easter treats is a fun pastime for all the family, and a mouth-watering one too.

2. Car bingo

Car trips can be long and frequent over the holidays, with relatives to visit and adventures to be had. Bring some paper from home, and make bingo cards for the car. Who’s first to see five yellow cars? Or who’s first to see 4 number plates containing the letter M?

3. Easter egg hunt

Organise an Easter egg hunt in the garden. Where did the Easter Bunny hide the eggs at night? You may need to have made a treasure map to help the egg hunters find every last one.

4. Quiz – Easter Edition

Organise a quiz competition in the garden or indoors and ask Easter-themed questions. Examples: “What date is Easter Sunday this year?” “What do people eat for Easter?” etc. And best of all? The prize is an Easter egg filled with treats!

5. Boules – Easter version

Probably best to play outdoors. Place an Easter egg in the middle and let everyone throw or roll their egg as close to the large target Easter egg as possible. The one who comes closest wins the Easter egg.

6. Egg tapping

This favourite game for older players can be turned into a tournament. Pick a hard-boiled egg to stand up to being tapped by each contestant’s egg. If you dye or paint the eggs first, you’ll have a showy competition egg. The egg with the strongest shell wins. And at Panduro, contestants are allowed to tap with both the pointed end and rounded end of their egg!

7. Easter Memory game

Print an Easter Memory or draw the pictures together first. This game is as fun to play on a rainy Easter day at home as it is to bring to an Easter get-together or on a car journey.

Download and print out free colouring pictures for kids!


For gatherings that enjoy competitions, try combining these games into a whole tournament. Divide the guests up into teams and have them compete in different contests. Naturally, they will be competing for the greatest trophy: the Golden Easter Egg! Which should naturally be brimming with treats.