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Beaded royal crown


by Panduro

Beaded royal crown

Beaded royal crown

How to instructions

  • 1

    Make a circle out of two pipe cleaners, measuring them around the wearers head to make sure they fit. Then twist the ends together.

  • 2

    Make pipe cleaner arches and string beads onto them.

  • 3

    Attach the beaded arches to the crown by twisting the pipe cleaners around the circle and to one another.

Vary the shape and size of the arches and twist them together to create a beautifully designed crown. Attach the arches to one another for a more stable construction. For a cute detail, we've also twisted loops at the tops of our arches. Combine assorted beads in your favourite colours and let the joy of creativity take over. Try crowning the front-centre of a small arch with a slightly bigger bead (ours is heart-shaped). The perfect craft for all the little princes and princesses who want to make their own crown!

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