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Braid a clay pot


by Panduro

Braid a clay pot

Braid a clay pot

How to instructions

Roll out the clay to the desired thickness and carve out a base in the size of your choice. Roll 3 long clay "sausages" and braid them together. Moisten the outer edges of the base and coil the braid around it and upwards, forming the "wall" of the pot. Make several braids if you want the pot to be taller; moisten between each layer. It doesn't have to be a braid; a coil of simple "sausages" would also look lovely. Let the clay dry and harden completely. Then decorate with a leather label. Emboss it with letters; we wrote CACTUS on this label. Attach the label with a hot glue gun. Protect the pot with a plastic bag inside before placing a plant in it; the pot does not withstand moisture. If you want a more durable pot, you can use clay that is fired in the oven.

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