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Butterfly face painting


by Panduro

Butterfly face painting

Butterfly face painting

How to instructions

  • 1

    Use a sponge to paint pink and white butterfly wings from the forehead, down onto the cheeks.

  • 2

    With a brush, paint the butterflys body and antennae from the middle of the nose, up onto the forehead.

  • 3

    Paint blue, white and yellow flowers on all of the wings with the brush.

  • 4

    Finish by applying white dots to the wings.

Brighten your day with a charming butterfly face painting. It's easy to create a butterfly face painting with an assortment of colours, water, a brush and a sponge. Begin by dipping your brush in water and moistening the cakes of paint. Apply the larger areas first with a sponge, and then add the details with a brush. Around the eyes, we've applied white that transitions into pink out towards the edges. Tip: Tie back any hair to keep it out of the face while applying the face paint.