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Calendar bags or a calendar shelf?


by Panduro

Calendar bags or a calendar shelf?

Calendar bags or a calendar shelf?

How to instructions

Stylish, simple calendar bags with numbers are easy to make with Cling Stamps. Place your interchangeable number (Cling Stamps) on the stamp handle, ink the number and stamp. If you get a little ink outside the ink pad, just wipe it up with a damp rag first (for better results when stamping). Stamp the bag on a flat surface. Change to the next number and continue until all the bags are finished. CALENDAR SHELF: Our lovely decorative wooden shelves with 24 compartments are perfect to use as a Christmas calendar. Wrap little presents that fit into the compartments. The prettier the Christmas gift wrap and ribbon you choose, the prettier your calendar shelf will be. If you want to make your own boxes, you can use a Gift Box Punch Board; the boxes will fit in the bigger compartments. Finish by placing number stickers on the parcels.